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/ Россия, Москва

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Работа на дому
Дмитрий (31 лет)
  • Профессиональная область: Удаленная работа
  • Дата публикации: 24.02.20 (5 нед.)
  • Занятость:
  • Уровень образования: Высшее
  • Иностранный язык: Английский

Профессиональные навыки

HPLC-UV/VIS, HPLC/nLC-MS, GC, general analytical lab skills, MS Office. Russian (fluent) - English (fluent) - German (B1). Teamwork, stress resistant, flexibility, responsibility, willingness to learn new things.

Опыт работы

- Max Plank Institute for Biochemistry (München, Germany) - Graduate assistant
Deeper understanding of mass spectrometry coupled with previous HPLC experience allowed me to be involved in nLC-MS methods optimization development;
I participate in successful nLC-timsTOF methods optimization for lipids that further led to publication;
During my master thesis project I optimized Dionex HPLC system as well as HF-X mass spectrometry instrument settings. Based on this HPLC-MS system coupled with MaxQuant.live software a new fast and robust workflow for metabolite analysis and identification within 5 minutes was developed;
Nowadays daily performing duties coupled with deeper understanding of MS and HPLC systems and further optimizations for different projects.

- PreOmics (München, Germany) - Student assistant
Based on my previous experience I worked in Research & Development wing.
Using packing station and SDS gel electrophoresis I was working on development of new materials in different combinations for protein extraction;
Gaining my first experience in mass spectrometry I actively participated in in-house column packing with further self-working and optimization and maintaining of the equipment for this process.

- Lekpharm (Logoisk, Belarus) - Chemical engineer
Carrying out quality control analysis of pharmaceutical samples in a combination with quality control at the time of stability's study of drugs with highest accuracy allowed me to become a senior chemical engineer in a very short time;
My skills in calibration and maintenance of wide range of analytical equipment led to the highest measurement accuracy during shifts;
In less then a year I was taught to work on HPLC and GC Agilent instruments with further education (HPLC courses);

- Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus (Minsk, Belarus) - Chemical engineer
Accurate, fast and trustful testing of samples of raw materials and final products in accordance with the requirements of technological regulations allowed our production lines to work on their maximum efficiency;​​
Rapid learning ability allowed me to become a senior chemical engineer in less than half a year and therefore, I trained and organized other members of production laboratory's staff;
Partially working as a microbiologist, I developed an effective pipeline for 5-stages lines wash that greatly decrease fungal contamination and growth within production lines;
I effectively participated in development and actualization of local regulations of quality management system​;
Working with SAP system;

Учебные заведения

Ludwig-Maximilians Universität - Master of Science in Biology

Belarusian State University - Bachelor of Science in Biology/Biotechnology

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